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Web Host Machine

Web Host Machine is the concern of Nirmal Integrated Consultancy (Team-NIC) initiated with the focus of offering real affordable, high speed, best in class, SSD web hosting across globe. Team-NIC has been serving to customers across USA, South Africa, Nigeria, United Kingdom, Panama, India, Australia, and many more regions across globe since 2011 under the business name of 'Nirmal Integrated Consultancy' although the same team have been providing services under unnamed banner many years before that. With a rich average experience of more than 20 years, the team members of Team-NIC have been honored for their services with different titles from renowned organizations including President's Office (White House USA), Gates ETH Foundation (India), and many more. 

Team-NIC when had placed itself in the fields of Research Consultancy, Academic Consultancy, Market Research, Career Consultancy, and some more consultancy business lines, some of its premium clients came with the need of business specific hosting solutions in affordable costs. Team-NIC then collaborated with many hosting-field experts and designed innovative and smart hosting solutions. Initiated with serving to specific research oriented customers, gradually Web Host Machine got its business space in London Derry (U.K.) and spread in India, United States of America, Panama, Nigeria, South Africa, and many other global regions.

Web Host Machine quickly got recognition for it best in class SSD Web Hosting Services and is listed among the top dated Web Hosting Service Providers by its customers in different reviewing and rating portals. Web Host Machine is now offering cheapest SSD web hosting starting only from $0.99 USD per month. At Web Host Machine, you get Hosting for UNLIMITED WEBSITES, UNLIMITED EMAILS, UNLIMITED MYSQL DATABASES, UNLIMITED FTP, UNLIMITED ADDON DOMAINS, UNLIMITED SUB-DOMAINS, and UNLIMITED FEATURES till you abide to our acceptable usage policy and other terms and conditions. We DO NOT limit you to use the allotted resources. You will find many hosts who give you UNLIMITED HOSTING RESOURCES but only for a single website and usually a single website uses too less resources and the term "UNLIMITED" remains an eyewash only. We allow you to use entire resources for which you have paid and hence we give you most transparent and value for money web hosting on TORNADO SPEED SSD WEB SERVERS.

With Web Host Machine, you stay safe with our 30-days money-back guarantee under "No-Questions-Asked" Policy for all web hosting plans. Money-back however does not cover the fees of domain registration/transfer/renewal, and add-on services. Although, we are more than 100% confident to satisfy your hosting needs with your best in class SSD Hosting Servers and Cheapest SSD Hosting plans, yet for any hosting plans you purchase with us, you are 100% in safe hands and completely protected with our 30-days money-back guarantee, so stay assured and host relaxed.

We provide 365X24X7 fantastic support available on Live Chat / WhatsApp / Skype / BBM / FB Chat / TeamViewer. Our support system has overwhelmed many customers with its high tech skills, blazing responsiveness, and caring attitude towards customers and their business. We understand the criticality of web hosting fo ryour business and not only be attentive to that but time to time keep guiding you for ways of further expansions of business through us. You are in safe hands with us.

Web Host machine, at your service, aims to hit the highest success with you, for you, and by you.

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